Nutty Squirrel Gelato is a family owned small business that cares deeply about our community and local culture. We work hard to create a neighborhood business that supports local community organizations, schools and Seattle area artists.  We work closely with our employees to create a positive work environment, and excellent customer service.

See our current job openings below:


Openings: Weekday opening shifts all locations.

Available as full-time position with benefits, or as part-time position

We Love Our Customers

  • Offer free samples, make menu suggestions and add-ons with a smile

  • Share your gelato & dessert knowledge to help customers decide

  • Keep a positive attitude especially when line’s out the door

  • Treat our multi-generational customers with courtesy and respect

  • Make espresso, tea, gelato shakes

  • Prepare simple pastries for service.

  • Operate cash register

  • Other duties

Spread the Love

  • Be a gelato geek, ask questions, and share what you learn

  • Spiff up the shop, decorate sandwich board and play your favorite music

Fresh & Clean

  • Continually stock cones, cups, etc., and update kitchen of stock status

  • Wash utensils, gelato cans, dishes

  • Keep the retail area clean and inviting

  • Follow King County food handling guidelines

You are

  • At least 19 years old

  • Self driven and have good problem solving skills

  • A team player

  • Good at addition / subtraction

  • Available to work minimum 4 days of the week.

  • Able to stand on your feet during your shift and lift 20 lbs with ease

PASTRY CHEF - Magnolia, Seattle

This is a full-time position with benefits

In the Kitchen

  • Work with Executive Chef to develop a unique line of desserts & pastries.

  • Working with Executive Chef to create seasonal specials for retail, catering and wholesale customers.

  • Educate FOH staff on dessert menu items, to boost sales.

  • Track inventory, and coordinate restocking

  • Delve into the work of gelato making, and supporting gelato crew as needed.

  • Other duties as they are assigned.

    You are

  • At least 19 years old

  • Have a culinary degree or equivalent experience

  • Available full-time

  • OCD about cleanliness

  • Flexible during summer months, and willing to pick up shifts

  • Able to stand on your feet during your shift and lift 50 lbs (repeatedly) with ease

  • Self driven and have good problem solving skills

  • A team player

    Previous kitchen experience is required.




  • Medical Insurance (full-time employees)

  • Affordable Orca Transit Pass

  • Paid sick leave

  • Promotion opportunities in a growing family owned business

  • Free gelato & coffee

  • Paid vacation (full-time employees)

  • Flexible working hours



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